Happy New Year!
Well, here it is.
Articles that I have come across over time that have really touched me. I hope you enjoy them.
(*Please note this is a work in progress!)

Submission - from "The Marriage Bed"
Two are Better Than One - by Joyce Meyer
Surrendering Your Marriage - by Proverbs 31 Ministries
Keeping Romance Alive - by Focus on the Family

Elena Kagen - from "The Judicial Review" (Family Reseacrch Council)
Living Without Constant Guilt - by Focus on the Family
10 Building Blocks For a Happy Family

Victory over Depression - by Joyce Meyer
Overcoming Addiction Builds Character - from New Life Live
Turning Inadequcy Into Victory- by Dr. Charles Stanley
God's Plan for You - by Dr. Charles Stanley


Blended Families - by Focus on the Family
When Your Child Disappoints You - from Kyria
My Special Child - by Kyria
Special Needs - from Kyria
Choosing Joy - from Kyria (a mention of autism)

Christian - take many  Bible studies on different subjects!
RBC Resources - hundreds of resources on the Christian life and many subjects!
What to do when your well runs dry - by Joyce Meyer
Reaping What You Sow - by Dr. Charles Stanley

Bonding with the autistic child