I need help learning about autism

Here are some excellent sites that I have pre-screened that will tell you all about autism: how to identify it, the "treatments" used, such as Early Intervention and Applied Behavioral Analysis.  Many of these sites will lead you to other sites to others to others, etc.  These are just some to start with.
*Please note that these websites are not Christian-based.

Please read this article FIRST:
"What would I do if I were a parent of an autistic child?"

Autism Society of America
CDC Website - Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Wikpedia - Autism
Autism Fact Sheet
Autism from "KidsHealth" - geared towards children
NIMH Autism Information
Autism Resources  - Methods, Treatments and Programs
SPD Foundation - on Sensory Processing Disorder
Department of Developmental Disabilities - VERY important site
Beyond Play - a wonderful toy/therapy magazine
About.com - their autism site
Autism Research Institute - some contriversial, but good overall
ARCH access to Respite Care and Help
Center for the Study of Autism
The Council for Exceptional Children
The Doug Flute, Jr. Foundation for Autism
The HANDLE Institute
Autism NJ
I need a ride - awesome!
The Family Rescource Network
The Autism Bookstore - located in NC
The Autism Community Store  - biomedical, etc..
Autism Family Online
Wrightslaw - for autism 
The Whole Child Center - in NJ

MORE Autism-related sites? Click HERE!

I really need some Christianity in my life!

Here are some of the best Christian websites that I can come up with.  All of them, again, have  been pre-screened and are very family friendly.  I invite you to perhaps visit a site per day!   Happy Surfing!

*Each week I'm going to display an article or website I deem necessary to see because of the information, style, etc.  This week's winner is an article from Autism is OK:          How to Cope with God's Help

Finding Noah
Finding God in Autism - excellent site!
Christian Forums for ASD
A Christian Perspective on ASD and church
ChristianBook.com's site on autistim materials
Joni and Friends International Disability Center
Special Needs Children - from TroubledWith.com
Children of Destiny

Focus on the Family - the classic  website!
The Marriage Bed - for married Christian couples
MarriageDivorce.com - the restoration of Christian marriages
The National Institute of Marriage - Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg
Preventing Divorce
Dr. Gary Chapman's site  - the 5 Love  Languages
Marriage Intimacy
Family Dynmaics Institute


I am going to display three of the greatest Christian autsim books available.  You can purchase them at www.christianbook.com


Marriage Builders - one of the best websites I have ever seen!
Marriage Partnership - part of ChristianityToday.com

Family Life Today - with Dennis Rainey
Dr. Gary Smalley's site
Family Research Council

American Family Association
Rejoice Marriage Ministries
Christian Families Today
The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
A Virtuious Woman
Thriving Family
Christian Fathers

That doesn't mean they're less than the others!
About.com - Christianity site
Proverbs 31 Ministries
Gospel.com- search engine
Christian Answers - great site!
Christianity Today
- search many versions of the Bible
God's Yellow Pages
Joyce Meyer Ministries -an excellent teacher of the Word
InTouch Ministires - Dr. Charles Stanley
Logos Bible Software
Grace Bible Church - one of my favorite churches! (NJ)
New Life Ministries
Homeword - encouraging parents, building families
Oriental Trading Company - Fun and Faith section
Christianbook.com - thousands of Christian products!
DLTK's Bible Activities for children (mostly Pre-K)
Christian Preschool Printables
Cloud-Townsend Minsitries
Joel Osteen
RBC Ministries
Church Communication Network - streaming video and audio
OnePlace - audio from top teachers
First Reformed Church of the Palisades - MY HOME CHURCH!
Serve Him - hundreds of Christian websites!
Troubled With.com
Back to the Bible
Billy Graham Association
Campus Crusade
Christian Coalition

Interested in Specific Articles?

Over the year I've collected many different articles that have touched my life, about MANY different subjects: Marriage, Family, Depression, Anxiety, Children, Parenting, just to name a few!  Here is a page devoted to some of the greatest articles that I have found!  Enjoy and be blessed!

Click HERE for access to articles
James on the bongos at church
Look at those beautiful broown eyes!
'Christmas Picture' - went wild!
I want to tell you about an EXCITING resource that I am currently working on!
It is all about HOPE - what it means, why we so very much need it, etc.  I hope that you check back often!

"You are my eyes when I cannot see
You are my voice - You sing through me
You are my strength in weakness -
be...Holy."  -Jars of Clay


If you would like to know more about these authors...

Kelly Langston has a blog and a website that is awesome! 
Her website is HERE and her blog is HERE.  She also has another blog called "Walking with Alec", you can read that HERE.

Kathy Medina has a wonderful website already mentioned above in the resources; you can find it HERE.

Lynn M. Hamilton's books website can be found HERE.