Yes - there is more!   Here are some of the best ASD- related sites, blogs, etc. I can find!  Enjoy!

Austism Spot - education through online streaming video!
Autism Research Institutie - "Autism Is Curable!"
Autistic Traveler - your guide for trip planning
The Center for ACC and Autism - a type of therapy
CDC Autism Website
Autism Community Store
- biomedical, gluen-free products!
Defeat Autism Now!  - very popular site - lots of good information on disabilities
Disability Scoop - news news news!
eFamilyTV - weekly web series about the "exceptional family" - a  free social network for people with disabilities
Fair Autism Media - the internets largest video collection
Find a Professional - for speech and audiology
Food Facts - find out what's in your food!
GFCF Diet - dietary intervention for those on the spectrum
Generation Rescue - Jenny McCarthy's website
Gluten Free Choice
Got Autism - books, DVD's, toys, etc. for those on the  spectrum
IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Act - very important site
Kirkman Labs - offering biomedical and nutritional supplements
Let's Cook - lifes kills for kids on the spectrum
Medline Plus on Autism
National Autism Association
- natural nutritional supplements, etc.
Natural Foods Education
Nutrition Balance for Life!
OnCall+Autism - resources from your state (ABC News sponsored)
One Place for Special Needs
OAR - Organization for Autism Research
PCI education - education materials and much more!
Relate to Autism - everything you need to teach your child @ home
Rethink Autism - web-based program for teaching ASD kids
SafeMinds - about mercury and possible vaccine connection
SpecialNeedsAnswers - planning for  your chid's future
TACA - Talk about curing autism, good site
Therapist Ratings!
TIA - Together in Autism
Coalition for Safe Minds
Families for Early  Autism Treatment (FEAT)
National Autism Association
Talk About Curing Autism
Ulocking Autism
Autism Votes

Age of Autism - web newspaper
Autism Hangout - news reports, etc.
Autism One Radio - live stream talk about autism
The Autism Network for Dietary Interventions

I seem to have exhaused my resources for you as of now. PHEW!  I know that it will take you a long time to look at each site, but it's my prayer that you can gain some out of each and come out knowing that there is so much help out there for your child... your child is special, authentic, unique and  full of possiblilities.  NEVER FORGET THAT!