Well, it's almost been 1 month since my last blog, but that's ok.  So many things have happened to me lately, one of them being that I dislocated and broke my right foot.  God is gracious, however, and I am now healed and can walk fine with no support.  The Dr. had to insert a screw into my foot to hold the bones together (erg).  It only hurts when I go up and down-stairs and when it rains (go figure lol).

But anywhoo....

I have an EXCITING thing I thought about doing this year, based on the bestselling book by Nancy Leigh Demoss of "Revive Our Hearts (www.reviveourhearts.com) called "The Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free".
When you purchase the book, you reiceve a little bookmark with all of the TRUTHS of and about God and how the enemy of our souls tries to steal them away from us.
I thought we could, each day, take 1 truth and expound upon it.  I would love to hear from anyone who would like to comment or offer their stories or opinions on the Truth that will Set Us Free for each day.

Today's Truth is this:
"You are kind-hearted and do good things, so teach me your ways." 
Psalm 119:68
"Praise the LORD! He is good!  God's love never fails!"  Psalm 136:1

What a great way to start out TRUTHS about God our Savior!  He truly IS good, and we all know that in our times of suffering, God has proven this to us time and time again.
In what ways has God been good in your life?

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