I apologize that it has been THIS LONG since I have posted ANYTHING.  And geez I have so much to say!!

Joshua is doing so well.
We now have him on some supplements, and we changed his liquid diet; instead of Pediasure we are now doing Silk Milk Very Vanilla Soymilk with Neocate Jr. added to it to bulk up his calories.  Right now we are hoping that the insurance will pay for the Neocate; please be in prayer that we will be reimbursed. :)

Thanks for Klaire Labs and Barlean's supplements, Joshua is doing extremely well.  He is not as discended (his stomach), and he is EATING FOOD (no, not spitting it out, actually eating it).  So far, at home, Joshua is eating honey nut Cheerios and organic cheese puffs.  Hey look, it's a start!
Joshua is also very much more affectionate.  He is brighter, less active, and is definetly more involved with people now.  I believe it was the change to soy and the supplements.

Currently he is taking:
_ Barleans Omeaga-3 Swirl Fish Oil (Pina Colada)
_ Barleans Flaxseed Oil
_ Klaire Ther-Biotic Infant Formula (probiotics for his belly)
_ Klaire Vital-Zyme enzymes
_ Neocate Jr.  (

I'm so happy.  What a wonderful Christmas with my WHOLE family.  Thank you Lord for all of Your blessings.  Tata - let me know how you all are doing!

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we shall reap a harvest if we do not GIVE UP." -Galatians 6:9
3/20/2011 10:38:18 am

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